Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Angry Christian pt. 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “Americanized Church” 
I’ve been thinking a lot of how we could be more like the hands and feet of Jesus in a world that desperately needs Jesus.
I’ve found that there is a lot of the institutionalized church is so focused on theology, truth and saving souls (which is good don’t get me wrong) but there is a lack of love for the very individual. Yes we need to speak truth but there also must be love and grace within our speech as well. 
I’ve found there is a massive divide between two types of Christians, Christians who just only speak truth and want souls to be saved yet have no love for people. Then there are Christians who show compassion, and love for the person but yet speak no truth. 
As believers we are called to be more like Jesus and grow up into our faith in Him, to be in relationship with the Father through the Son. As believers we are called to love. 

We are called to love God the Father and called to Love people.