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An Hour Long Drive

They say men don’t cry…

Well they are wrong…

About a month ago I was about to drive back home from my Monday night bible study group. I went home, then went back out to go drive.

Just to go drive? Yes.

Where? Just around.

I don’t know what was going on within me that night, I just know I wanted to drive, listen to some Switchfoot, and drive around. All I remember was driving ,and praying. I don’t remember much of what I was praying about behind the wheel ,but what I do remember was feeling a strange sense of sadness in my heart ,and just had a lot on my mind.

So I went out driving around 10pm to about 11:30-11:45pm. While driving I was listening to a whole lot of Switchfoot’s new and old songs. One of there newer songs was “I Won’t Let You Go” and had that one on repeat.

Then I listened to another song that truly spoke to me called the Shadow Proves the Sunshine ,and once I parked into my parking space, you can guess what I did, yeah you guessed it, I broke down ,and cried. There was a part that hit me ,and I NEEDED to hear it.

“The shadow proves the sunshine, yeah, yeah, shine on me”

Just to hear Jon Foreman’s brokenness as he was singing those words just broke me ,and it made me realize how broken I was. Sometimes pain can mark you ,and make you stronger or it can break you but the choice is for us to make.

I once had a thought that you can have the worst day possible ,and yet still have joy. Still don’t fully understand what that means ,but its totally opposite of what anybody would think, it’s completely unnatural to have joy in the midst of tradegy or pain. The natural response would be to cry out or just totally lose it.

Now having joy doesn’t mean the pain isn’t there, or that you don’t acknowledge that its there. Its about acknowledging and amitting that its there ,but also knowing that you can’t stay in your pain forever. Joy at some point must take root but obviously that is entirely up to the individual.

Change is hard, even challenging at times, but its necessary ,and so worth it.

God bless, and stay awesome people, love y’all.


Thankfulness (Praise even when you don’t feel like it)

So if I’m honest, I’m not the most thankful person on this planet. In fact as a 24 year old, I find myself in a great place to live with awesome roommate dudes, have a good paying job, have really awesome friends, and family that love me and support me. I have shelter, clothing, money, a car, an iPhone. 


I find myself complaining way more than I should just about stupid stuff, and it could be about how my job is “too hard.” Or I may complain about what someone said to me and what I should’ve said to them. Anybody else know what I’m talking about?? Y’all better unless y’all are perfect.

Let’s be honest for a minute, being thankful can be hard, and I think because we get so used to things, we take things for granted. We take a lot of things for granted, such as people, little moments (day to day moments), we just take life for granted. Do we ever just stop ,and just take a moment or just have a moment to be still ,and just be thankful. 

Being thankful is hard, but it’s possible, every morning when I wake up, I just say: 

“Father in Jesus name, thank you for waking me up this morning, thank you for Your grace and your mercy.” 

Obviously I’m a Christian so it would make sense for me to say something like that. When you wake up, what are you thankful for? What are you most thankful for? 

I know for me most mornings are hard to get out of bed, and go to work. Mornings are challenging, but its so worth it. 

All that to say that even when its hard to get out of bed during the week to go to work or you find your week being difficult to be thankful. 

Be thankful even when its the hardest to be thankful, or praise even when you don’t feel like it. 

Stay awesome everyone! Love y’all 

Coffee & Grace (Meeting with God)

We should grab coffee and catch up” 

Do you want to get coffee this Thursday?”

Going out and getting coffee seems to be pretty normal for someone such as myself  nowadays. There is something about hanging out and getting coffee with a friend that’s just so casual yet a vulnerable experience. 

The reason I say it’s vulnerable because when you go get coffee, normally you go to get coffee with one other person, and then the “how are you’s” and the “what’s going on’s” start flying and that’s when the real stuff starts coming out. Its a joy being able to do this with so many friends and just talk about what’s been going on in each other’s lives. Just to encourage, challenge, inspire, love and yes even laugh is just an awesome gift. 

The real reason why I’m writing this blog is because I had a thought one day. I thought “What if Jesus and I had coffee? Just Jesus and I at a cafe or at Starbucks?” “What would He say to me? What would we talk about?”

I still don’t have an answer to these questions if I’m honest, but I will say that we would probably talk about my heart, and who He is. The thing with God is that you can have coffee with Him. You can meet with Him anywhere at anytime. He’s everywhere, He’s sees everything, He knows when you will rise and when you will fall, He knows your comings and your goings. So yes you can have coffee with the Lord. All you gotta do is go to a cafe, or your favorite coffee place, crack open a bible, and let Him speak to you. The really cool part is that God is your best friend, a very close, intimate best friend. So let Him speak to you and let Him be YOUR friend. 

All that to say go get coffee with God, your best friend. 

Identity: Do I Wear Many Hats?

As a believer in Jesus, my identity is so important and its important because the world also has labels but its labels are from an outside perspective not a heart perspective. Mankind sees from the outside appearance but God sees the heart. 

We all wear different hats in life. When people ask what we do for a living, the automatic answer is “Well I’m a doctor, or I’m a lawyer” we automatically are identified by what we do, like our job somehow is who we are or part of our personality. 

So what are my “many hats?”
Well here is how I see myself:

* Guitarist/Performer/Songwriter

* Care Giver

* Learning Disabled 

* Difficult/Stubborn

* Sometimes Serious

* Sometimes Silly

* Music Lover

* the half black/half white guy

This is how I see myself or how I’ve identified myself and some of these I will always see myself as but as a believer my identity should always be in Jesus and what He says in His Word about me. Identity is so very much important, your identity is your solid base, your foundation, where one draws confidence from. 

All the “many hats” I just listed are from the world, the way the world sees me and sadly I see myself as those at times, but thats not how Jesus sees me, He sees me as His, He sees me as a son, one of many sons. Everything that He has, I have and to truly understand that, I need to believe in God’s promises and what He says I am. 

So my question is what are your “many hats?” And do you believe you are something more than just what you do or what the world labels you as?