Identity: Do I Wear Many Hats?

As a believer in Jesus, my identity is so important and its important because the world also has labels but its labels are from an outside perspective not a heart perspective. Mankind sees from the outside appearance but God sees the heart. 

We all wear different hats in life. When people ask what we do for a living, the automatic answer is “Well I’m a doctor, or I’m a lawyer” we automatically are identified by what we do, like our job somehow is who we are or part of our personality. 

So what are my “many hats?”
Well here is how I see myself:

* Guitarist/Performer/Songwriter

* Care Giver

* Learning Disabled 

* Difficult/Stubborn

* Sometimes Serious

* Sometimes Silly

* Music Lover

* the half black/half white guy

This is how I see myself or how I’ve identified myself and some of these I will always see myself as but as a believer my identity should always be in Jesus and what He says in His Word about me. Identity is so very much important, your identity is your solid base, your foundation, where one draws confidence from. 

All the “many hats” I just listed are from the world, the way the world sees me and sadly I see myself as those at times, but thats not how Jesus sees me, He sees me as His, He sees me as a son, one of many sons. Everything that He has, I have and to truly understand that, I need to believe in God’s promises and what He says I am. 

So my question is what are your “many hats?” And do you believe you are something more than just what you do or what the world labels you as? 


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