Coffee & Grace (Meeting with God)

We should grab coffee and catch up” 

Do you want to get coffee this Thursday?”

Going out and getting coffee seems to be pretty normal for someone such as myself  nowadays. There is something about hanging out and getting coffee with a friend that’s just so casual yet a vulnerable experience. 

The reason I say it’s vulnerable because when you go get coffee, normally you go to get coffee with one other person, and then the “how are you’s” and the “what’s going on’s” start flying and that’s when the real stuff starts coming out. Its a joy being able to do this with so many friends and just talk about what’s been going on in each other’s lives. Just to encourage, challenge, inspire, love and yes even laugh is just an awesome gift. 

The real reason why I’m writing this blog is because I had a thought one day. I thought “What if Jesus and I had coffee? Just Jesus and I at a cafe or at Starbucks?” “What would He say to me? What would we talk about?”

I still don’t have an answer to these questions if I’m honest, but I will say that we would probably talk about my heart, and who He is. The thing with God is that you can have coffee with Him. You can meet with Him anywhere at anytime. He’s everywhere, He’s sees everything, He knows when you will rise and when you will fall, He knows your comings and your goings. So yes you can have coffee with the Lord. All you gotta do is go to a cafe, or your favorite coffee place, crack open a bible, and let Him speak to you. The really cool part is that God is your best friend, a very close, intimate best friend. So let Him speak to you and let Him be YOUR friend. 

All that to say go get coffee with God, your best friend. 


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