In the Quiet…


Not gonna lie to y’all, I hate the quiet. I’m almost always restless in the quiet. There is something about it I can’t stand. For so long I’ve been able to block out the silence with straight up sound like music. 

The only problem is that God communicates when its silent. There are several bible verses that reference to being silent ,because in the silence God can be heard. For me silence has always been, well to be honest the suckiest thing ever, because just from mostly due to just experience alone. 

Take sleep for example, in the night I normally will have my phone on low volume playing a quiet song or have a movie play. Two nights in a row I didn’t do that and ended having crazy dreams that were either terrifyingly confusing or just made no sense at all. Silence has never really been my source of comfort, but I will say it’s necessary. 

Why is it necessary to be in silence you ask, well I’m glad you asked. Its necessary because at some point you have to turn everything off and reflect, time to really chill and just think. We all need to reflect, not overthink, those are two totally different things. 

It takes time and practice to learn to be quiet and just be present, and its difficult as crap. I can’t promise it gets easier or better because Lord knows I’m still learning how to shut up ,and shut everything down, and talk to Him. Often times anxiety or restlessness can get in the way too, another blog, another time

I know I’m still learning what it means to be still, to be at peace in the midst of silence. I know in the silence is where the real war in our minds begin, and that’s a war we can’t fight alone. Jesus says in Matthew 11:28

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

At this point all I know is that my source of rest comes from the One who says to come to Him to find rest, not just physical rest, but also spiritual rest. So lets run into Jesus’ arms and let’s receive the rest He offers to us.

Stay awesome guys and girls, love y’all! ❤️🔥😀🙌🏽🤘🏽😊


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