A Connection…

Hey guys & girls,

Its been awhile since I’ve last written to you all. Its been a rough week not gonna lie. A few blogs back I wrote about identity, and I mentioned I was a care-giver. I work with elderly people, and this week has been painful because its hard watching people decline and pass away. As much joy my job brings me, it can also be very difficult at times. 

There is something- a connection…

A connection with that particular person, a connection with the family members. Its almost like you become family with them. Its a very beautiful thing, you learn things from them, they learn things from you. You share laughs, precious little moments, your joy and pains of life. 

When someone leaves this life its almost as if something got ripped out of you. There is a hole in your heart ,and figure how to live life ,and carry on without that person. As the saying goe. “Things can be replaced, humans can’t be.”

One day I had to leave work early ,and I drove home. When I parked into my parking space, I broke down and cried. I felt the weight of the world just dump its crap on my shoulders. Honestly it was painful, sad, and just flat out hard to deal with from an emotional standpoint so I asked to go home early. 

After awhile I prayed ,and thanked God for my friend’s life ,and friendship. Its still hard even as I write this, and this grief will probably be with me for awhile, eventually I will heal again ,and I will have reminders of my friend every now and then later on down the road, but they will be good memories. 

Love people, talk with people, you never know when their time here on earth is up. 

Stay awesome, love y’all 


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