Accountability vs. Accusation Part 1

This blog is going to be in two parts. Part one (this blog post) is going to be talking about Accusations (commonly referred to as playing the “blame game”)

Part two will be about Accountability or being held Accountable

I hope you all enjoy the blog 🙂 

Okay, lets get this thing going
We ALL have done it at one point or done it to one another, accused somebody of something. Thrown accusations at one another using careless and cruel words and the like.

Its in your homes, your schools, your workplace,  maybe even in your blog posts. 

Too soon?? I was kind of kidding on that last one…. 

Anyways, we all have played the blame game. Its how we grew up. Its not just some natural thing. There are people who are willing to be humble, and accept when they have done wrong and are willing to change. There are some who blame others then come to some realization that it was them and not everyone else. 

Then there are some people who just won’t admit when they are wrong- not only that, they blame everyone else, and its a sad thing to see when it all unfolds. Lets be honest its hard to tell people you love when they are wrong. Its also hard to say nothing and let the tragedy continue.

The blame game is a very damaging, vicious cycle, it destroys relationships. It hurts people in general, it hurts the people that are closest to you, it not only hurts the people around, it hurts YOU.

People who throw shade or make accusations towards others either have been hurt by others (hurting people hurt people) or they think they are right and everyone else is wrong, and they are too embarrassed to admit when they are wrong because they BELIEVE they are right. 

I know because I used to do this, and I often find myself catching myself thinking I’m right all the time when actually I’m wrong. Jesus said it best, 

You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” 

The blame game is a heart issue (a spiritual heart issue) and its a hard and lonely road to walk. The blame game is a form of pride and perfection, in fact it reeks of pride and perfection.

That’s a problem though, we have all fallen short of God’s glory, and to one another. So its safe to say that pride is a sin, and no one is perfect except Jesus. 

Lets not be caught in the snare of pride, lets admit when we are wrong, let’s be real with God, and with one another, its scary, but it’s necessary. If you aren’t willing to admit when you’re wrong, you will never grow and you will never find healing. 

I love you all, stay awesome people ❤️

Austin Jenkins

Joy & Passion


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