Whole-Hearted Devotion

Hey beautiful people, you’re making it, its almost the end of this week, and would also like to point out I’m gonna be 25 in a few days and lets say I have mixed feelings about that- nuff said…

Anyways, I’ve been really thinking about whole-hearted devotion, and leadership this week. Honestly I’ve been thinking about leadership for quite some time and how Our Lord and Savior Jesus exuded such incredible leadership. 

One of the many things that he taught was if you want to be great, you must be a servant, you must be willing to be like a child, you must be willing to have humility. In this world, leadership is all about getting things done, stepping on the other guy’s back… you get the idea, another blog, another time.

Worldly leadership says that you gotta claim what’s yours, maybe even take it by force if need be. The problem with this type of leadership is the fact that its a heart issue, in terms of it being a selfish heart issue, its a very self-centered focus. 

Being wholeheartedly devoted to something or to someone takes time, patience, it even requires sacrifice. Being wholehearted means having humility ,and willing to be vulnerable. 

Its not easy being whole-hearted, most days its just damn hard to be whole-hearted. If we are honest, most of us would probably say we are half-heartedly devoted, but that’s not true commitment. We must be willing to commit to whatever it is we do and stick it out, all the way, 110%, nothing less, and all the more. 

I have a hard time keeping my commitments, this blog is one of those commitments, same with my music, even my commitment to God and the people in my life. 

Now let me get off the accelerator for a second and let me just encourage someone and say that YOU ARE AWESOME! YOU GOT THIS, NOBODY HAS ANYTHING ON YOU, THIS WORLD HAS GOT NOTHING ON YOU!

That’s right, you got this, being whole-heartedly is hard but you can do it. Whatever you do as long as its an honest living, a hobby, maybe even a dream or a passion you are pursuing, go hard or go home. Better yet don’t even go home, slam the door and run far away, haha! 😂

(I know, that was stupid, I get stupid when I’ve had Redbull.)

Point is we all have commitments, so lets keep those commitments and keep on continuing to live whole-heartedly. I’m saying this more for myself than anyone else who might be reading this.

Love y’all ❤️

Stay awesome 

Austin Jenkins

Joy & Passion


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