The Angry Christian Pt. 2 (Slowly Letting Go)

Hey beautiful people, hope everyone is having a good day.

First off I want to tell you that this post is gonna be an honest post on the ‘Americanized church’ but more about how I got more involved in my church but then slowly going back to just participating in church i.e. ‘Church attendance’

Lets do it..

So in 2015 I was on the worship team at my church for a good couple months. Then after months on end I didn’t receive any emails or any other form of communication   saying when the next time I would be on worship team. 

One day a guy that helps lead worship was at my house and I blantatly asked him what was going on, and he told me that they need people that are able to commit, even though I did tell them my job requires me to be there and that I can’t be on the worship team EVERY DAG ON SUNDAY!

The guy also said that I wasn’t experienced enough or some bs like that and maybe a good majority of it is true. 

Point is there was no communication and honestly it sort of made me angry that no one told me earlier on in the year. 

So the past couple years I’ve been learning to painfully and slowly let go and let God be God over that particular circumstance. There have been moments where I felt God took away the worship team, but He didn’t, life just tends to get in the way. 

Two things I learned that I want to share is that:

1. Worship isn’t about the music, it’s actually has less to do with us, and more about our Savior.

2. Worship is also about where your heart is at, what you desire the most.

For so long I’ve wanted to be on the worship team I guess not just for music or my Savior but more for people to accept me, to tell me “good job” or “thank you.”

I guess you could say I was on the worship team for acceptance and approval from others, not fully realizing or understanding that God fully loves me and accepts me despite where I’m at. 

I’m grateful for our God who is faithful, He gave me a small bible study group ran by a close friend and sister in the Lord, and I help lead worship with that group and its been such a blessing to do that. 

Two lessons here:

1. KNOW You are accepted and loved by your Creator God, Yaweh, the Great I AM, it doesn’t matter what season you are in, just know and rest in God

2. If you lead worship at your church or are on a worship team, Do it for God and for God alone, you don’t need approval from others.

I love you all, stay safe out there, and know you are LOVED. God bless

I love you, stay awesome ❤️

Austin Jenkins

Joy & Passion Lifestyle 


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