For the one who lacks Confidence #Icanrelate

Hey everyone,

Another honest post, let’s do it…

For years I’ve lacked confidence in myself, in fact I’ve never really had confidence. 

I’ve heard all the sayings, “fake it til you make it” “have confidence in yourself” etc.

In all honesty, fear and insecurity have been very close friends of mine for quite sometime, confidence is something that is built up over time, but I feel its so far out there in the universe. 

I can’t fake confidence either, and I don’t think confidence is meant to be faked. I believe its meant to be authentic and real. Fakin it til I make it doesn’t do it for me.. 

sorry to disappoint you world… 🌎 #sorrynotsorry

I also know there are others like myself who lack confidence in themselves. I’m here to tell you that its okay, I’m right there with you, and we may never measure up to whatever other people’s expectations of us are, but we can still try our best, step out and watch what happens.

We may succeed, we may fail, failure shouldn’t stop or paralyze us from trying, failure is the point where we are meant to learn, grow and move the frick on. 

I read something saying if you are scared to do something, do it scared.

As a musician, I’m a perfectionist, I gotta make sure everything is played right, in the key I need it to be, which chords to play, etc. I think that’s ultimately why I don’t like playing music out in public because I’m afraid of messing up, but that’s all part of the process. 

Last but not least, confidence doesn’t come from us alone, ask God to give you confidence, he’s the One who ultimately gives confidence, He is our confidence and our strength, so let’s rely on Him. 

Love y’all and stay awesome!

Austin Jenkins over and out




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