The Infamous Skateboarding Accident of 2017

Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well.

Yes I will be explaining what happened to my left thumb. 


I was riding my skateboard in the dark, in a not very well lit neighborhood, and I hit this pothole.

Let me tell you I went down… like I went down…

When you fall, your normal reaction is to hold your hands out in front of you, and I did just that…


I went down and sorta rolled in a way that caused my thumb to fracture. 

Next thing I know, I’m on the ground, I’m in shock for a few mintues, then the pain rushes in like a rush of water. I see blood on my elbow, there was blood on my hands, I had some serious road burn on my shoulder and back. 

All those hurt, but what hurt the most was my thumb. I even cracked it, I was scared I broke it or something. That was on the 7th of Friday, on my birthday…



On the 10th I went to an urgent care center and they told me I fractured it and recently just went to an orthopedist and they told me that I have a displaced fracture at the base of my thumb. Fun stuff.

So why in the world am I telling you all this??


This injury is teaching me a lot about true brokenness, how our world is truly broken and I’m not talking just about corrupt justice systems, or sex trafficking and the like, although those are part of the brokenness we live in. 

I’m talking about not willing to forgive someone that did something horrible to someone, or even holding a grudge against someone. 

When things are broken, it takes time for it to heal, doesn’t matter what it is, brokenness always takes time to heal. 

I used to believe that forgiveness was a one time thing and that you had to feel forgiveness in order to forgive. 

Forgiveness is a choice, it’s possible, but sometimes it takes more than one time to forgive. 

Hard lesson to learn.

There is only One who can bind up our brokenness. One who can heal us from our brokenness, make us new and whole. 

Stay awesome people, love y’all

Austin Jenkins

Joy & Passion


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