God-dreams Pt.1

Hey everyone, hope everyone is having a great day.

So this post will only be in three parts.

Alrighty lets get right to it.

For as long as I can remember even before I was a Christian, I would have dreams that terrified me or they were very confusing. 

I believe dreams do have some type of spiritual significance, or some kind of spiritual communication. 

Its very hard to describe…

Anyway as I was saying, growing up I had a lot of dreams that were pretty much well they were pretty terrifying. I had one dream where I was fighting the same guy over and over again, and finally I beat him in my third dream.

Weird right??
So I had one dream I believe God gave me, it was a healing dream. I remember being inside a church near a beach (technically it was on the beach don’t know why, don’t ask cuz I don’t know)

So I’m inside this church and worship is going on, like its gettin’ on and poppin’ I could feel the Spirit move within the room, there was so much love in the room, God was setting people free.

I don’t remember any of the songs that were played, I just remember seeing one guy in a wheelchair, so I went over to him and asked him how he was and just enjoying being with him. 

After the service was over I asked the man if I could pray for him to get healed, and he said yes, so I kneeled down and prayed for him, and both his legs grew out and he was able to stand and walk. 

It was so crazy and awesome!

When I woke it was just unbelievable that I even let alone had the dream, Jesus used me to heal someone.

I know dreams are weird, and talking about them, but we all have them, some are weird, some make sense, some don’t make sense. I will say that whatever you behold, whatever you look at is what you will become.

Stay awesome and love y’all 

Austin Jenkins

Joy & Passion


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