Dear Friend…

Hey everyone

So this post is gonna be a different post, I’ve said in my past posts I work with elderly people.

This post is just me writing out all this stuff that I’ve kept in me. 

Feel free to skip this particular post cuz its more for me, or you can read it…

Dear Friend..

Its been four months now since you passed on and you have been on my mind more than once now…
It’s still hard to process that you aren’t here anymore, its more saddening than terrifying. I used to believe it was terrifying as a child, now I don’t believe that. 

Two days after you passed I came into your room and saw you weren’t there anymore, the pain and heartache was there but I couldn’t tell the difference between if it was about you being gone or if it was about the wait.

I took off work early that day, I was listening to a song that kind of reminded me of you and when I parked my car, I broke down and cried hard, very hard…

I’m glad I got to be a part of your life and I’m glad you got to be part of mine. 

I know one day, I will see you with Our Lord and Savior Jesus. The One who made both of us and loves us the same. 
Thank you for being a light and being my friend.

Austin Jenkins



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