God-Dreams Pt. 2

Hey everyone, hope everyone is having a good week. 😀

As promised, I’m writing a blog series called “God dreams.”

It has to do with dreams that I believe God gave to me and yes I mean literal dreams like when you are asleep, (not like ambition type dreams)

Anyways, lets do this..

So another God dream I had had to do with me being located in a little town. In this particular dream, its just me walking down, and then the Lord told me to go talk to this guy who looked about my age.

So I walk up to this guy and talk with him and he had a german accent when he talked with me. I remember asking him if he had any pain, and told me he had pain in his left shoulder. 

I also remember I couldn’t pronounce his name for a bit… #soundslikemylife

So I commanded the pain to go away in Jesus name, then told the gentleman to move his shoulder, he then looked at me, smiled and kept moving his shoulder. I asked him if it had gone away, and he just kept smiling and moving his arm around. 

He finally looked at me, smiling joyfully and said “Yes.”

I told him Jesus loved him so much, and that he was awesome. I asked him if I could hug him, and we hugged it out.

Lets go be the hands and feet of Jesus to someone yall. 

He loves us, so in turn let’s go and love someone. He shows no favoritism.

I love you all, stay awesome,

Austin Jenkins over and out





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