The Idiocy in Me

Hey everyone, hope you all are having an amazing night/morning. 😀❤️

So lets dive right into this shall we..

God revealed something about me a couple days ago and convicted me yet again today.

I was walking and just listening to my music when God told me that I call myself an idiot because I have been labeled that and that I had chosen to accept that label. 

So let me back up..

For as long as I can remember calling myself an idiot, either because of the mistakes I have made in the past or because I always joke around and call myself that. 

Let’s be clear, its not a good word to call yourself. In fact its probably just as bad as any other cuss word, its a word that carries a sense of devalue (in my honest opinion).

So anyway… I’m walking one day, listening to some Christian rap or rock, whatever it was. I had this thought that I knew wasn’t mine and I knew it was from somewhere else cuz the thought was so specific and on point. 

Another reason was because I believed it to be part of my identity…”being an idiot.” Even though God never saw me that way at all, I saw myself that way and felt discouraged a lot of the time. 

I think the most important thing to understand is how God views us, what human beings see is the exterior, but God views us from the interior, who we were made to be in Him.

I viewed myself as an idiot for so long mostly because of stuff I had done to people. People may see me as an idiot but God doesn’t see me or anyone that believes in Jesus that way. 
God doesn’t call you an idiot, He is in love with you.

Stay awesome, I love you all

Be kind to yourself

Austin Jenkins




1 thought on “The Idiocy in Me

  1. I agree with you. We are priceless and valuable to God. We need to understand how much we mean to God to be able to capture such demeaning thoughts that plague our minds. Our identity is in Christ and nothing can change that.

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