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Honesty With God (for God’s sake)

Hello friends, I hope you all are doing well.

I’m here to set the record straight

Honesty sucks..being vulnerable sucks..

There I said it..

But before you judge me or decide to write some comment, I want to say being honest and vulnerable are necessary.

Its necessary if you are in a relationship, its necessary in terms of friendships, its necessary in family life, heck even being honest with yourself..

Being honest and vulnerable, yeah at first it sucks, but its worth it. I spent a good majority of my life lying in the past, let me say it doesn’t turn out good. EVER!

This year being honest with God has been the most hardest, yet the best thing I’m learning to grow into. Every time I felt sad or angry, I never talked with Him about whatever was wrong because I was afraid He would leave me, or be mad at me. So I would keep it to myself, we all know how that goes.. #wronganswer

Here’s the interesting thing though about God, HE SEES EVERYTHING!! HE EVEN KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE GONNA THINK BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK IT! trippy huh?

A friend helped me understand something, I struggled with the “well if He knows everything what’s the point in being honest with Him?” My friend told me the whole point of us (believers) being honest with God is so that way He could put someone new inside our hearts.

Now I’m learning how to tell God how I feel ,and just let Him have my burdens. Its still not easy, there are days I still go to other people for my problems rather than go to God first.


No matter what it is, I have to go to Him first. We all do.

Prayer: Father In Jesus name, help us to be honest with you and go to You FIRST & FOREMOST!

Stay awesome yall, love you ❤️🔥

Austin Jenkins



4:02pm To The Doubtful Believer

To the one(s) who struggle with doubt, or have trouble believing. I want you to know that Jesus still loves you even in the midst of your doubt, and I’m also in your corner.

Jesus never will be afraid of your doubt, and He won’t leave you when you express how you feel, or what you believe. He doesn’t say, “oh forget it” and throw His hands up. HE LOVES WHEN YOU BRING YOUR HONESTY, YOUR QUESTIONS, AND YOUR DOUBTS TO HIM!

1 Peter 5:7 says “to cast ALL your cares, anxieties, or burdens (whatever translation you use) upon Him, because He CARES FOR YOU.” He cares for you as a person, but he also cares about your soul. 

Doubt sucks, its unfortunately part of the broken world we live in. I won’t lie I’ve definitely lived in doubt in the past, and what felt like forever. Its also a scary thing cuz doubt is something that we aren’t comfortable with, it makes us feel uncertain. 

Doubt also means we are simply believing a lie, sometimes with a lie, you must replace the lie with Truth. I know for me as of recently I’ve been lacking in truth, and the truth being Jesus. 

Jesus is still in love with you, He treasures you, He adores you, he doesn’t want you to stay in your doubt, He wants you to believe, to have faith in Him, and who He says He is.  He is still faithful and committed to you even when we are faithless.

God is so good. 

He loves and cares for you my friends.

Austin Jenkins