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The Chris Bernstorf Experience 

Hey! Hi! Heeeeelllllllllloooooooo!!!!!

Hey everyone, hope you guys are doing well. 

So lets get this thing rollin’

So on Monday I had off of work that day, I went to go see this guy…

His name is Chris Bernstorf, he’s a spoken word poet, and he is pretty well known in the Christian underground scene

So here’s how all that happened, so the show was out in Manchester, Maryland.


So I had to drive almost two hours to get to the show, traffic was insane at some points during the journey, side note* I hate driving next to giant trucks, so for fun I decided as soon as a truck would pass me, I would scream at the top of my lungs, that was fun, but when I got to Manchester, it was slam country, I mean it was nice though. 

Getting to meet him was a dream come true if I’m honest, he just loves Jesus and loves people, I mean the dude is a joy machine, and I want my life to be like that, freakin joy unstoppable. He’s also humble cuz he just gives praise to God. He’s a very sweet dude

Stay awesome yall, love you